How is your complaint processed?

Conscientiously, in complete confidentiality and… free of charge! 

Your complaint is processed in stages: 

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt (within 5 working days) or will be invited to submit additional information.

The Office of the Federal Ombudsman checks whether your complaint falls under its purview.

If so, it gathers the information needed to assess the justification of your complaint and to look for a solution.

If no immediate solution is forthcoming, it may initiate a more in-depth investigation.

When it concludes its enquiry, it assesses whether your complaint was well-founded and notifies both parties of the result of its intervention.  It may make suggestions to the administrative authorities so as to prevent the situation from recurring.

Where necessary, it makes recommendations to the administration or submits them to Parliament. 

Attention !

The processing of your complaint by the Federal Ombudsman does not suspend the period for appeal against a decision of the administrative authorities, either before the Council of State or before the courts.